FTL Freight

Full Truck Load (FTL) Freight is a type of transportation that requires the full trailer of the truck be filled to capacity. A move can also be classified as a FTL Freight when a truck is filled with a partial load, because the customer wants a truck that is dedicated to their items alone.


Full Truck Load Freight shipping has many benefits. Some of the benefits of FTL Freight shipping include:

  • Good for delicate or high risk items
  • Shipment remains in the same truck from origin to destination
  • Items are only handled when they are loaded and unloaded
  • Faster
  • Excellent to meet high demand

Overall, FTL Freight is the best and safest way to transport a large quantity of items.

At Campbell United, we take pride in our FTL Freight services. Unlike other transport companies, we’re not a freight broker. Our logistics company ensures excellent FTL Freight services, with worldwide shipping. We ensure every truckload makes it to its destination, all while maintaining competitive freight rates.