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About Ottawa

Ottawa, Ontario is a great place to call home and if you need any assistance with your moving, let us know. Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. It is on the south bank of the Ottawa River, and borders Gatineau, Quebec. The population is 934,243 which makes it the fourth-largest city in Canada. It was founded in 1826 and later incorporated as “Ottawa” in 1855. The city has then evolved into a political as well as a technological centre of Canada. Ottawa is known to have the highest standard of living in the country, as well as a low unemployment rate. It has also been ranked as the best place to live in Canada by a few.

Interesting Facts

In 1857, Queen Victoria was the one who chose Ottawa to be the capital of Canada. The name originally comes from the Algonquin word “Adawe,” - which refers to trade. Ottawa is also ranked to be the most educated city in the country. According to the Guinness World Records, The Rideau Canal in Ottawa is the largest naturally frozen ice rink in the world.

Attractions & Things To Do

There are 35 major annual festivals in Ottawa - the most famous is the Canadian Tulip Festival held every May. The Ottawa Capital has over 7.3 million visitors annually. There are 14 National Museums in Ottawa which include The National Gallery of Canada, Laurier House, Currency Museum of the Bank of Canada, Canadian War Museum, and several others. The Canadian Museum of Civilization is the most visited museum in all of Canada.

Moving & Storage Services in Ottawa

If you’re moving to or from Ottawa, Campbell Moving can help. Unlike other moving companies, we can customize our plan to cater to your needs. We provide several additional moving services, apart from loading and unloading your belongings, to make your moving process seamless. We understand how challenging planning a move is, but our knowledgeable and highly trained team members will take care of everything for you, from start to finish. Contact us to receive a free quote!

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