Shallow Lake, Ontario

Shallow Lake is located in Southwestern Ontario. Shallow Lake is a part of the township of Georgian Bluffs. The village was amalgamated into Georgian Bluffs on January 1st, 2001.

History of Shallow Lake, Ontario

In 2001 the village of Shallow Lake was amalgamated into the Township of Georgian Bluffs. Prior to this Shallow Lake was a small village that was given its name due to the shallow lakes that surround it.

Popular Neighbourhoods in Shallow Lake, Ontario

Shallow Lake is part of Georgian Bluffs which is home to several neighbourhoods and communities which include:

  • Inglis Falls
  • Lindenwood
  • Alvanley
  • Wolseley
  • Balmy Beach

Population of Shallow Lake, Ontario

According to a census conducted by Statistics Canada in 2011, combined with the Township of Georgian Bluffs, Shallow Lake has a population of 10, 404. Prior to its amalgamation, in 1996 Shallow Lake has a population of 491.

Special Attractions in Shallow Lake, Ontario

There are special attractions and events in St. Thomas, Ontario. Some of these include:

  • Shallow Lake Minor Hockey
  • Shallow Lake Shinny
  • Shallow Lake Arena
  • Bester Studios Artists’ Retreat

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