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Are you moving to Waterloo, ON? If yes, you’ve made an excellent choice! Waterloo is a great place to call home. We understand that moving to a new city may not always end up being as exciting as it sounds but rather more stressful than anticipated. But you have nothing to worry about because we know how to make your move experience to Waterloo flawless. Waterloo is a city in Southern Ontario and is the smallest in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo. It is adjacent to the city of Kitchener which is the essential reason they are often jointly referred to as “Twin Cities,” or “Kitchener-Waterloo,” together. They are often referred to together because of the numerous attempts in the past to combine the two cities and make it one. The population of Waterloo is 104,986. The city was incorporated on May 27, in 1857. Waterloo has a service-based economy as well as two universities that are highly ranked internationally.

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Things to do in Waterloo

Waterloo is a great place to live in. The city has to offer several arts and cultural sites, public spaces, and much more.  has multiple tourist attractions and area of interests which include: Waterloo Central Railway, Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, and Conestoga Mall. There are also lots of vibrant markets and unique shops that one can visit. Other places to visit are: Waterloo Park, West Montrose Covered Bridge, and several others. Get ready to explore this vibrant city with something for everybody!

Moving Company in Waterloo

Moving is always a problem for individuals, or families with all that is to consider and take into account. That’s where we come in -- we, at Wilke Movers, are your one-stop shop for all your moving needs. We take care of everything from start to finish and ensure that every little detail is given attention to. We provide affordable rates for all types of moves so you don’t have to worry about hiring expensive movers. We want to help you and offer a seamless transition into your new home. Being a member of United Van Lines gives us access to everything that we need to give you all the services you require. Moving should be more exciting rather than stressful and we can make that happen for you. Contact our local Waterloo agent for more information and to get a free quote today!

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