Cross Border Moving

Moving to and from Canada/US offers its own challenges. We, at Campbell Moving, along with our partners at United Van Lines are up to the challenge. Whether you are moving a small apartment or a large home, we will provide you with a safe and reliable service.

Campbell’s staff will provide you with any documentation that you require to allow for entry to the US and direct you where to meet the driver to clear Canada Customs when entering Canada. We will also advise you as to admissible/inadmissible items to lessen risk when passing through Customs.

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Your goods are loaded into regularly inspected and fully insured tractor trailers. All units must be licensed for the areas they are entering and strictly adhere to the rules of each state/province. We have a wide network of partners that can offer packing, unpacking, and storage if needed. We will work to accommodate your budget and timing needs.


Personal Motor Vehicles must pass local requirements to be allowed to cross the border. We work with professional auto transport companies that are prepared to assist you with the documentation, pick up, and local delivery, all within reasonable timelines.

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Moving from the U.S to Canada

At Campbell’s, we want to make your transport from the US into Canada as seamless as possible. This is mainly because there is a lot that goes into uprooting your life and carting your family and belongings across the border. We will do our part in prepping your cross border move but conversely, here are some important steps of protocol for you to follow in aiding the process:

Returning Canadian Residents
  • Passport for each family member
  • Proof of length of time away from Canada (lease documents, pay stubs, etc.)
  • Detailed inventory listing of goods including their value (in duplicate)
  • Purchase receipts for goods acquired while out of the country
  • Passport for each family member
  • Work Visa
  • Marriage Certificate for spouse
  • Work or Study Visa
  • Employer Letter or Offer of Employment
  • Detailed inventory listing of goods including their value (in duplicate)
Seasonal Residents
  • Passport
  • Proof of ownership or lease of seasonal property
  • Detailed inventory listing of goods including their value (in duplicate)
  • Proof of US residence

All in all, you can trust your partners at Campbell Moving to be there for you! We will offer our years of experience to ensure your move is The Perfect Move!

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