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Custom Crate Your Valuables When Moving… it Pays to Protect!

Certain items are highly recommended to be crated in order to have the best protection when moving. Whether it’s a residential or commercial move, custom crating ensures protection during transit, moving, and re-settling. The best part of it all is that it does not need to cost an arm and a leg!

Your valuables, heirlooms and unique pieces will receive the maximum protection possible. Other scenarios where custom crating is the best moving solution may include odd-sized, heavily weighted, art, musical instruments or other special handling.

Campbell Moving offers exceptional quality and value in Custom Crating,- both on and off-site, in order to provide the maximum protection possible. It’s what we would do for OUR family or business valuables! Our professional staff constructs custom crates to any size using reinforced materials to ensure fragile items are protected and unique-sized items are packed in an appropriate way. This facilitates moving them with as little possible chance of damage. We offer this service in every of our branches across the GTA, Southern Ontario and Canada.

Trust The Moving Experts With Custom Crating And Shipping Your Items

At Campbell Moving, we are very knowledgeable and experienced of custom crating your valuables, unique, or odd-sized items. We are well-informed of shipping regulations and policies, whether it is international, domestic, or even across the border. This understanding and experience is critical if cross border moving is involved in your process. Whether you’re doing a local move, a long distance move, or shipping delicate office equipment, Campbell Moving can build custom crates for your valuables, heirlooms, odd-sized and uniquely shaped/weighted items. We will ensure they arrive safely, securely, and are–handled with the best of care!

A few household items we recommend be crated:

  • Glass and Crystal chandeliers
  • Pool Table Slate
  • Rare or Expensive Artwork
  • Statues or Busts
  • Marble or Granite
  • Antiques with glass doors or shelves
  • Certain electronics
  • Models & High end remote control vehicles
  • Outboard, small, or any otherwise loose motor

If you need professional, and affordable crating services for your home or business, click here for a free quote, or call any of our branches across Canada.