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Long Distance Moving

Campbell Moving is your expert long distance moving company with the best movers! Unlike other moving companies, we ensure our customers are protected from the start of their long distance move, to the end. Some of our moving locations have been moving families throughout Canada to place like Vancouver, Calgary, the East Coast and even Nunavut for over 100 years. We belong to the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) which represents moving and storage companies. Their purpose is to further the interests of our members and help the buying public access credible, professional moving services. CAM’s Canadian-mover members are this country’s top moving companies.

We have several locations scattered across Canada to serve you better. Visit our locations page to find one near you!

Long Distance Moving: Why Choose Campbell Moving?

Hiring Campbell Moving for your next long distance move provides you with several benefits including:

  • Durable, weather resistant, and large shipping container storage options
  • Low claim rate of 1 claim to 12.1 moves, which is 4 times better than the industry standard.
  • Expertly trained and background checked staff
  • Members of the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) which is only available to reputable moving companies

Long Distance Moving: Calculating Your Rate

At Campbell Moving our long distance moving experts calculate the price of your long distance move based on the weight of the items, additional services required, and the distance of the move. The actual cost will be calculated based on the weight of your belongings in the moving truck, minus the weight of the moving truck when it is empty. This way you receive a moving quote that is unique and custom tailored to your move.

Long Distance Moving: In-Home Estimates

When you contact any of our Campbell Moving locations about our long distance moving services we start the process right away.

First, we provide you with an in-home estimate for your long distance move to get you the most fair and accurate quote. A specially trained moving consultant will visit your home and you’ll be able to walk through your home together to discuss special handling needs, packing options, and tips to save you time and headaches.

The reason for this consultation is so that we can provide you with an accurate moving quote. Other moving companies may only offer over the phone estimates for a long distance move, but we know that our in-home estimates are far more accurate so that there are no surprise charges on moving day.

During your in-home estimate, our moving consultants will provide:

  • The moving services we offer (i.e. protection plans, packing services and supplies, storage solutions)
  • Answers and solutions to any of your long distance moving problems, questions, or concerns
  • Moving Tips
  • A timeframe of your move based on the Transit Time Guide

Long Distance Moving: Moving Services and Moving Supplies

At Campbell Moving, we know that every move is different. We provide several different moving services and moving supplies to help cover every aspect to ensure you have a positive long distance move experience! A few of the things we offer are:

  • Protection Plans
  • Moving boxes
  • Moving blankets
  • Moving Checklist
  • Senior Moving
  • Packing and Custom Crating
  • Storage Solutions

Long Distance Container Moving

Moving a long distance can be stressful and expensive. Not only do you need to worry about relocating yourself, you must also decide how to move your belongings. That’s why we offer the option of long distance container moving.

Long distance container moving allows your belongings to easily and quickly arrive at your destination in a cost-effective way. This type of long distance moving requires your belongings to only be handled when being loaded and unloaded. It also means that your belongings will be separate from other people’s belongings for the full duration of your move.

When you select long distance container moving as your method of moving, your items are loaded into a storage container at your origin address. These storage containers are made of durable materials that will ensure your belongings remain undamaged during the long distance move. Once your items are packed into the storage container, the containers are loaded onto a truck with other containers. The truck will then begin on its route, removing containers at their destinations along the way. When the truck has reached your destination, your container will be safely unloaded from the truck. You have options of what you would like to do with your container. You can either have the container delivered to your new home and have your belongings unloaded by our professional movers, or you can have it brought to our nearest facility to be stored.

This moving option also comes with 30 days of FREE storage. This way if you are not quite ready for some, or all, of your items, you can have them safely stored at no additional cost to you.

Phone and Remote Estimate

For those who want a price quickly or don’t want to have a salesperson visit your home, we offer phone and remote options for providing quotes and booking your move, contact us for details.

Get Your Free Estimate Now!

Quick and free online estimate and the option to reserve your long distance move.