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Professional Packing Services

In the chaos of moving preparations, one of the most important parts often doesn’t get enough attention, or gets forgotten completely until the last minute – Packing! The moving of large items has its obvious challenges, but is truly the most difficult part of moving, particularly across long distances. Protecting small and delicate items with proper packing is crucial. Campbell’s Moving has over 100 years of experience packing and crating all sorts of items for transportation at rates that is sure to fit your budget. From everyday household dishes and fragile items, to sophisticated medical equipment, our expert staff can ensure that whatever it is that you’re moving, it will be prepared to make the trip damage-free.

Why choose us to pack your belongings

Kitchen or Breakables Packing

Custom Packing and Crating

For high value art, granite or marble, or other unusual and delicate items, crating may be the best option. For example, you would need to crate certain parts of your pool table because it has delicate stone service. If you would like to have an item crated, please let us know, and a friendly consultant will visit your home for a free, no-obligation estimate, in order to get the dimensions of your crate, and create an inventory of your items to be shipped.


Packing Tips

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