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Seniors Moving Services

Canada Moving is a leading expert in all categories of moving, including senior moving services. A transition at any point in life can be stressful, especially when a large period of time has been spent in one place. If you have decided to downsize, or relocate to a senior living facility/senior housing, our expert staff is patient and sensitive to the different services required in moving assistance for seniors.

Specialized Services for Senior Moving

There are many services and stages that are necessary during a senior move. Our senior moving services include:

Senior Specific Needs

We also provide several additional services that are specific to senior moving in order to ensure a stress-free senior move. These are:

Moving Your Parents

We can help with the planning process and provide all services that you would need to help your parents make an easy transition to their new home.

Retiring Abroad

Canada Moving is experienced in international moving. If you are a senior planning on retiring abroad, our senior moving company can help. Many seniors retire abroad for the positives of:

However, retiring abroad does involve stressful situations such as:

Reputation and Track Record

No matter the reason for your international senior relocation, Canada Moving can help with the paperwork, the transition, and the move.

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